Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Back Home

Early Sunday morning (but not as early as Turkey Day) mom and dad got back on the plane. Meme made French Toast with Columbus Bakery bread (it was yummy, I hear).

The flight to North Carolina was pretty good, and then mom heard the dreaded words: "extreme turbulence". As they were coming into Dallas, it was really windy and they were told to fasten their seatbelts. Mom imagined flaming balls of fuel, and plane parts everywhere. Dad was just trying to grimace through the pain of his leg being SQUEEZED really hard. And all that turbulence? Amounted to NOTHING! The landing was text book. Haha.

The took a taxi home (just like on Amazing Race), and then THEY WERE HOME! We were all so excited to see them. I couldn't stop running around. And around. And around. We all hung out the rest of the day, and they told us all about their trip.

Tomorrow: a review of our awesome Pet Sitter.

1 comment:

  1. Aww, I bet you missed your parents. We love the Amazing Race, we just hope your parents had a good taxi driver (preferably one who spoke English) and they said lots of "HURRY HURRY! WERE IN A RACE!"

    xoxox Percy