Monday, December 13, 2010

Back in the Saddle

We got to run agility last weekend! We got to run agility last weekend! Since I love agility almost as much as I love treats, it was awesome.

We haven't shown in about 6 months. Between the hot weather, moving, looking for work, etc., agility's been a low priority. For mom, at least. For me, it's always towards the top.

Now that mom has a job, and dad has a car, we can start showing again. So last weekend we went to a place called Wichita Falls for an AKC trial. Mom was terrified that we would embarrass her. We tend to do that.....

But she shouldn't have worried. Arnie only ran in Jumpers, and except for his usual weave pole nonsense, he did GREAT! Here's his first run.

Arnie tends to have focus issues, so mom sweats it when we're in new places. But Arnie was attentive and ran his legs off.

I got to run 4 runs, because mom can trust me to not run off. My jumpers run the first day was a little rough, but we got through it. Then we went to the Standard ring and I did something I've never done before. I looked for dad while I was running the course. Not once, but a bunch of times. I even went through the dreaded tire backwards to see where he was. Mom thought it was because I was nervous because it was a new place. But the truth is, I knew dad had the treats! We left, and mom was a little disappointed because none of us Q'd the first day. Then she watched the tape and realized that I hadn't made as many mistakes as she first thought. When she checked on Sunday morning - there was my blue ribbon and my Q! Here's the run:

We don't have any video of Sunday, because dad stayed home and there was nobody to tape us. But we did really good again. Arnie didn't Q, but he did really good. And I got an Open Jumpers leg, with another blue ribbon and a Q. I wish I could say I did really good in Standard, but that would be a lie. We were the first dog after the jump height change, and mom forgot they have to change the aframe now. So we went to the start line, and had to wait. And wait. And wait. Well, I couldn't control myself and took off running before they said we could go. Mom screamed at me, and picked me up. So I tried to bite her. I didn't mean to hurt her, I just WANTED TO RUN!!!!! Needless to say, we weren't really in sync, so the run was a disaster. Oh well, I had fun anyway.

This was our first time to show in Texas. The venue was wonderful. Indoors, with heat. There was lot of room to set up, a concession stand and the rings were completely enclosed. That helped mom's nerves about Arnie, for sure. The weirdest part was we didn't know anybody. Mom used to know everybody in California, but not a soul in Texas. But by the end of the weekend she was the "Pug Lady", and had even convinced a couple with a young Pug that they should try agility.

Mom says we'll be going to a lot of shows now that we're settled. Yeah!!!


  1. Thanks for the birthday greetings for my daddy! SO nice to meet you! Mom added your bloggies to our blogroll so we can follow you too (after she picked herself up from the floor after reading about you doing AGILITY!)

    BTW, I bark to the right too (well, mom does, but it's rubbed off on me!)!

    Happy Tuesday!


  2. Thanks Salinger. I loved reading about your dad and you. Funny how big tough men go gaga over pugs - my dad's that way too.

    Tell your mom to keep looking for my future agility trials and tribulations. We're always good for a laugh.

    Gracie the agility pug

  3. Oh yeah - keep barking to the right, dude!

    Gracie the agility pug