Sunday, November 21, 2010


It's official. Mom's a member of the UFO Club. What's that, do you ask?

Well, a few weeks ago, mom and dad found a cool draught emporium. Basically, it's a beer joint. See, mom loves beer. I mean LOVES beer. The darker, the better. This
beer place is called the Flying Saucer, and they have over 200 kinds of beer. It's in downtown Fort Worth, and on Sundays there's free parking downtown.

When they went the first time, mom swore that she would join the UFO Club as soon as she got a job. Well, she has a job (temporary, but a job nonetheless), so they went and signed her up. With her membership she gets a cool shirt.

She also gets a membership card. Every time she drinks a beer, it's recorded onto her card. When she drinks 200 beers, she gets her name on the wall and A PARTY!!!! Dad didn't join (he's a beer wimp), but he likes the idea of a party. The goal is to hit 200 in time for mom's 50th birthday. That means she has to drink, like, 2 beers a week for the next 2 years. She says she can do it. I think she can, too.

She's going to write about the beers she drinks on her blog. She'll put the titles in caps for the beer updates. Just so you can keep track too.

Her first beer was......drum roll please......The Ugly Pug.
It's a Texas beer, which works out good, since Texas beers are on sale on Sundays. Win, win! She says the Ugly Pug was really good. Kind of dark, but tasty.

Her second beer was 512 Bruin.
It was dark, too, but not as heavy. Kind of chocolatey.

Make sure you keep watching the blog to find out what kinds of beer she tries next. She likes dark beer, so you'll see a lot of those on here. She also likes beer on tap. And she'll be trying lots of ciders. Eat your heart out, Trish.

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