Sunday, November 28, 2010

Day 2 in the 'Cuse

On Friday morning, Meme and mom showed dad around town. First, they went to see the house mom grew up in. It's right around the corner from Meme, so that took about 2 seconds. Then they drove by LeMoyne Elementary School, where mom when to kindergarten.

Then they went through the ritzy part of the North Side -
Sedgwick Farms, just to show him how the other half lives.

Then it was out to Eastwood, and the Palace Theater
Mom remembers going to see movies there, and the owner wacking her with a flashlight when she put her feet on the seat in front of her.

They went past mom's 2 aunts house, then up to Henninger High School, where mom went to high school. She won't go inside, because she wants to remember it like it was 30 years ago.

Next stop, downtown Syracuse. When mom was little, she would take the bus downtown and go shopping. Sadly, the city has gotten run down over the years, and nobody walks around much anymore. But it was fun to see the historical sites.

The Onondaga County Courthouse

Then they went and bought fresh italian bread from Columbus Bakery. It's made in brick ovens, the old fashioned way. The place hasn't changed since mom was a kid (and her mom, and her mom), and the bread is divine. They bought 2 loaves, both point (they were out of flat), and broke off big chunks to eat on the way home.

For lunch, they took dad to have "real" pizza. Apparently the stuff we have west of the Mississippi is no good. At least by Syracuse standards. So they went to Twin Trees for some delicious pizza. Manga!

Then it was back to the house, because everybody was coming back over to, you guessed it, eat dinner and talk. Lasagne was on the menu, and the bread of course.

The niece and nephew stayed overnight, so they all watched the basketball game (Syracuse University basketball is a religion there) and went to bed.

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