Sunday, November 28, 2010

Day 3 in the 'Cuse

Saturday morning was pancake time. I'm thinking all these people do is eat. Everyone had Mickey Mouse pancakes (a Meme specialty), then they went to the niece's basketball practice.

After practice, they went to lunch. Of course, more eating. But this was a super special place - they went to Heids Hot Dogs. If you've never been to Heids, you are missing a treat. And if you're ever in Syracuse, make SURE you go to Heids. It's not just a hot dog. It's a hot dog OR coney cooked an extra special way. They're so famous that the TV show Man versus Food filmed a segment there.
Mom craves them, and always goes there when she visits. Dad had a coney and chocolate milk (the only way to eat them), and loved it. He could have eaten lots of the hot dogs, but had to save room because there was a big party on Saturday night.

So off they drove to mom's other brother's house. Lots of people came over, and there was tons of food and talk. They went down memory lane until they finally packed up the car and headed home. It had snowed a little, and was really cold. But they made it home safe.

Next morning: back on the plane.

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