Thursday, March 31, 2011


iPod Shuffle (in orange, of course) - $42

Toby Keith and the Monkees loaded from iTunes - 99 cents each

Membership to the Hurst Recreation Indoor Walking Track - $50

Mom getting HER sorry a** in agility shape - PRICELESS!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Spring is here

And we're ratcheting up the practice sessions. Here's Arnie, flying off the aframe. We don't need no stinkin' two on, two off.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Freak Out Friday

That's me, shaking the crap out of my toy!

In case you were wondering who the hip chick in yesterday and today's blog are - they're Henrietta the Chicken. When my mom's mom comes out to visit, they usually drag her around on their adventures. This is her at a beach house they stayed in a few years ago.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

It's all fun and games until somebody loses an eyelash?

Mom had an eyelash curler for years, but it got lost in the move. So she bought a new one, and it was horrible. So she bought another, then another. Nothing was doing it for her.

So she decided to splurge and get a more pricey one (one that cost more than $1.99, basically). This morning she tried it out. It was kind of bulky, and the little rubber thing was catching. Then it was sticking. So she decided to give up on the "good" curler, and put her mascara on.

Then she realized......eeeeeeeeeeekkkkkkkkkkkk!!!!!!!!!!

The new curler cut her lashes off!

To compare, this is her other eye. Long, lovely lashes:

She laughed so hard, she almost peed herself. Luckily, she knows they'll grow back. She'll just look like a dork until that happens.

Turtle Tuesday

Mom and dad went to the Fort Worth Botanical Gardens' Japanese Garden on Saturday. They saw this little guy while they were there.

Isn't he cute?

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Fun Match Fun

Went to a fun match today. Mom almost didn't go, because it was pretty hot out. But she took my water, mister and fan. Turns out we didn't need it. The breeze was nice, and when she set me up in the shade, it was comfortable.

Did pretty good. Worked on start line stays (did OK, once I got my energy released), table sticking (did great. Didn't speed bump once), and weave poles (got distracted near the poles, because someone dumped a huge pile of BilJac around the poles). But all in all, a good day. And I got lots of treats.

Puggles and Jimmy were there. They were the pugs I met last weekend at a show.

Mom carpooled with someone from our class. Here's Tori, my classmate, rocking the course.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

New Conehead Design

Mom whipped up this new design today. When you have pugs, cones are a part of your life. She actually got to thinking about the design when she was telling somebody about Puck having to wear a cone for 3 months. It was torture. If you know Puck, you understand.

So check it out at (she'll be working on the fawn version in the next day or so):

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Class didn't go so good

It MUST be a full moon. Everybody in class rotated through the penalty box. All night long.

The penalty box is the instructor's lap, where we can't get to our moms. AND don't get any cookies.

My transgression was the "table bump". I just couldn't stay on the table. OK, I could - I just didn't. So time after time the teacher took me away, with no treat, while mom played with other dogs. I was soooooo upset. But I just couldn't stay on the table. It must have been the moon.

All the other dogs were bad, too. Missing weave poles, running past the table. It was the
revolving door of punishment. Not like "beating" punishment. Worse - "no cookie or attention" punishment.

But it worked. By the end of the night we ALL did our runs perfectly, and I stayed on the table. Even though mom ran really fast past it, and I had to slide and dig in hard to hold on. Then it was treat time!!!

Because it was St. Patrick's Day, there were doggie treats for us. We sure deserved it! Gotta go now, nom, nom, nom......


I have class tonight, and mom got the training bag out early. So I know we're going, but we're NOT leaving yet. So I'm stressed. And this is what I do when I'm stressed.

I suck on my dog bed.

I clamp on so tight, I can barely get my mouth off the bed once I'm done.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Table Talk

Mom's getting serious about this "table issue" I have. See, in agility you have to run to the table, jump on it, then stay there while the judge counts to five. I've developed a terrible habit with the table - I run to the table, jump on, jump OFF, jump back ON, then stay for the count of five. Not good when you're in Excellent.

To combat this, mom's going zero tolerance. I get on, off, on......NO TREAT! And I have to do a "down" for a count of five, then a release to, did I mention.....NO TREAT!

But if I do the table correctly, first time, like I'm supposed to, then......I GET LOTS OF TREATS! And when I say lots, I mean the heavens have opened up and rained treats. Yum, yum.

Needless to say, I'm really starting to stay on the table. Right now, we're just working in the living room (yes, small table in the living room). Then mom will take it outside, then to class, then to a show.

But not in this picture. Mom got the table and treats out, and Levi just HAD to perform. Then Arnie had to get in on the treat act. That left me out in the cold.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

I'm Excellent

No really, I'm Excellent now. Excellent agility, that is. As of today, I'm in the big leagues.

There's 3 levels of AKC agility competition: Novice, Open and Excellent. I flew through Novice. Open took a little longer, what with us moving and all. But mom and I did it, and now I'm in the highest level class in AKC, in both Jumpers with Weaves and Standard. Mom's never had a dog in Excellent Standard before (she has in Jumpers), so she's really proud of both of us.

I'm still having issues - table, weave poles, start line stays and dropping the triple. But in Excellent you can't even have one mistake. Mom figures it will make us get our act together, and make us a better team.

Today, in my first time in Excellent Standard I really rocked it. My instructor high-fived mom as we left the ring. I got confused on the table (remember, I have issues. I usually hit the table, hop off, then hop back on. We're working on it though). So today mom said "table, SIT". Well, I only heard "sit" and sat next to the table. Oops. But mom was OK with that, since it was mostly her fault, and the rest of the run was smoking!!!

We even got to meet another agility pug this weekend. The lady that ran the pug also had a rescue boy that was a lot like Arnie was when he first came to live with mom (in other words, OBNOXIOUS). So they talked a lot about how to get her pug under control. Then Arnie proved the point by running a great Excellent Jumpers run (tipped a bar when mom moved away too fast).

We don't show for another month, so there's be plenty of time to work on my issues.

No photographer again this weekend. What's up with THAT?

Monday, March 7, 2011

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Good fences make good neighbors

While we're renting, we have neighbors we can see. Our old house had a wooden fence on one side, so we never saw the dogs there, only smelled them. The other side had a wire fence, but only had chickens.

This house has a chain link fence, and 2 little dogs.

They have a doggie door, and have figured out that when our screen door opens, we're coming out into the yard. So whenever the door makes "that noise", mom hears them start barking and yapping, and flying out their door, into the yard, up to the fence. They love to bark at us. We don't bark back, but we do like to visit.

This little white guy is just a puppy. He's about twice the size he was at Christmas time. He's just the cutest little thing. But has an attitude bigger than mine! And that's saying something. The brown one is very sweet, and loves to come up to the fence for a scratch and a pet.

They both help me train my weave poles. While I run the poles, which are next to their fence, they run along side barking and carrying on. Great proofing.

Must be Spring

This (Levi)

plus this (brush)

equals this (copious amounts of pug fur)

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Agility Day 2

We went back to the trial on Sunday, but unfortunately day two wasn't as successful as day one.

Mom was a little stressed, because she moved me up to Excellent JWW, and so me and Arnie are in the same class now. Arnie was in first, so mom popped me in a crate ringside so I could be "easy access" for my run. He ran a great run, nailed his weaves again, but knocked the triple. He doesn't usually hit bars, but he was flying out of a tunnel and had to make a hard right turn after the triple. So down it went, and no Q. But a really nice run again.

Then it was my turn in the "'big leagues". I was pretty pissed at having to sit in my crate while Arnie ran, so I was a little wound up. My run was pretty good. There were lots of twists and turns, and I got almost all of them. Except for the dreaded weave entry. Again. It was a hard turn after a rear cross, and I just couldn't hang on to entry. But I restarted them and did just fine the rest of the course.

Then it was into the Standard ring. It was a really hard course (why are Open courses harder than Excellent courses in a lot of cases?), but I rocked it. But the weaves got me again - it was a hard turn after the aframe, and I couldn't hang on to the entry here either. I have a running contact, and there just wasn't enough time to put on the breaks. Then I flew so fast through a tunnel that mom couldn't do a cross she had planned, and I got confused and got a table fault. Darn, no Q again. But it was a really fun run, and no zoomies. Mom learned her lesson this time, and only got me out of my crate when there were a few dogs left to run. So no waiting around getting amped up.

We're back to the same place in two weeks, so I'll keep you posted.

Again, the photo isn't from this past weekend. They really need to get some photographers at these trials. I need my glamor shots.