Saturday, November 6, 2010

Face It - we're cute!

Mom's been taking lots of pictures of us with her new camera. She decided I could blog some of just our faces. In the interest of fairness, I've decided to go cutest, um, I mean youngest, to oldest.

Here's me. My mom says I always have the same look on my face: eye's bugging out, every nerve trembling, waiting for a TREAT to come my way. OK, she's right.

Here's Arnie. Mom says he always looks so serious when he's having his picture taken.

This is more like the real "Arnie". He's really a big mush.

This is Snap. She looks all regal in this picture. That kind of fits her personality. She takes herself waaaaay too seriously. She worries all the time about being good. I say what the heck. If they wanted good, they should have gotten Golden Retrievers.

Snap has a silly side, too. They call Boxers "clowns" and she has the Boxer sense of humor.

This is Levi. Mom hates taking pictures of him these days, because she can see just how senior he's getting. He just turned 12 years old, so he's earned those silver hairs.

And the old man, Puck. She didn't get a shot of his face because he a) won't stop moving around looking for squirrels, and b) he's completely deaf and can't hear her calling him to look at her anyway. He still runs the household, and he's the only one I don't "challenge" - even I'm not that brave.

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