Thursday, November 1, 2012

Pug Nationals - Day 7

Another early morning. I'm not sure who set this schedule, but I'd like to have a little talk with them.

On this morning, mom was working in the obedience ring. She brought me down to the ballroom, but I was put into my crate. Yes - I got to go back to sleep!

The obedience awards table

She spent the morning watching pugs show they really CAN obey. She said it was funny, inspiring, silly and impressive. Then she told me I could learn from them. As if.

After she finished working, and putting away her gift for volunteering (another cute stuffed pug toy), it was time for the humans to do some sightseeing. Mom's roomates wanted to see San Francisco, so off they went.  We got to sleep in the room while they were gone.

She's been bunches of times, and says it's her favorite tourist town. They drove along the bay, then made their way to Fisherman's Wharf. They ate lunch, then walked around a little. They got back into the car, and drove down Lombard Street. After that, it was off to Coit Tower. Mom says it has the best view of everything from the top. They drove around a little more, then it was time to come back and feed us.

On the way, they drove past Candlestick Park, where the Giants were playing in the playoffs. The place was lit up like, well, a candle.

Relaxing in our room

Another evening of hanging out, drinking some beers, and visiting with friends. Then it was off to bed. Yup, you guessed it. Another big day planned tomorrow.

Day 8 tomorrow.....


  1. The bed is the sweetest little scene!

  2. Gracie, you and your mom are having an awesome time!

  3. Hi Gracie,
    I can't wait to see your awards when I come to visit you. Looking forward to day 8.


  4. We've been reading, just not able to comment yet. You had quite the adventure! Glad you are a good traveler!