Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Pug Nationals - Day 6

Six days into our adventure, and we've FINALLY reached the reason we even went in the first place.

The Pug Dog Club of America's Agility Trial!

Yup, I get to compete in an agility trial with ONLY PUGS in attendance.

I've only been one other time, and I wasn't even training in agility yet (mom and dad had just adopted me). Arnie showed (it was his first time in the ring. Let's just say, things didn't go quite as planned).

This year, mom was the co-chair, and her partner in crime, Donna, had everything ready to go. They have a deal worked out - Donna handles everything up to the day of the trial, and mom handles everything on the actual day. This is their 4th time handling it this way, and it's working out so well, they're doing it again next year.

The morning of the trial, we pulled up to a beautiful facility. It was an indoor soccer facility, and the AKC World Team practiced there. The footing was perfect (soft and flat), the lighting was great, and the set up area was right near the rings. There were even bleachers for spectators.

The worker bee's unloaded the trailer, the trophies were put out on display, the courses were set, the camera guys were in place. And we were off and running.

Ribbons and awards, waiting to be handed out

I won one of these cute stuffed pugs

4 Legged Flix was there to tape our runs

Here's my Excellent Standard run

Here's my Excellent Jumpers with Weaves run

Here's my FAST run

Here's my Time 2 Beat run

There were 16 pugs running 52 runs this year. They ranged from beginner pugs, on a course for the first time, to experienced pugs that knew the ropes. Everyone did great, and our owners and fans cheered and laughed the whole day long.

Getting the crowd excited

I even got to see a pug, Enzo, get his MACH 2 - that's an agility championship TIMES 2! It's a special achievement, and it was so cool that it happened at the Nationals. We all cheered and hollered as they ran around the ring for their victory lap.

After we all ran our runs, we had awards. I got a first place ribbon in FAST (where you have to do obstacles at a distance - that seminar must have helped) and the cutest little stuffed pug as a price. My roomie, Izzie, and her mom Tracey, got "team having the most fun". It's a special award that the judge hands out. They sure deserved it. You could see the big smile on both of their faces as they ran really fast on the course.

After awards, we had a group photo taken. 4 Legged Flix captured the hilarity of getting all the pugs in a row. Check it out here.

After we loaded all the equipment back into the trailer, packed up our loot, and unpacked our gear, we relaxed a little with friends, in the beautiful courtyard of the hotel. Good thing we're resting. Tomorrow is MORE excitement.

Day 7 tomorrow.....


  1. Gracie that looks like so much fun. I wish I could have been there to cheer you on in person but love all the videos of your awesome runs! Such a special day!
    PS. I don't know how your mom remembers which obstacle comes after the other. :-)

  2. You are very lucky they include agility at the national speciality down there! They don't even have obedience up at the canadian one. Such a bummer.

    One day when it comes back to the west I might have to bring Izzie down to play.

  3. Gracie, Gracie!
    The videos were awesome. But I think you pulled a few Arnie tricks. Hehe snort.

    Hugs, Suki

  4. Gracie,
    We loved watching your videos! Greta can't wait till she is old enough to try this!

    Bailey, Hazel & Greta