Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Pug Nationals - Day 10

Yup, you guessed it. Up early again. Off to the airport, because we were going home today.

Rush, rush, rush to get the suitcases into the car. Rush, rush, rush to return the rental car. Rush, rush, rush through security. (Dad got the patdown, but mom managed to make it through without incident. Apparently lotion triggers the hand scanner thingies.) Rush, rush, rush to the gate. Rush, rush, rush onto the plane.

Me, practicing in my Sherpa

Sorry folks, we've had a maintenance issue, so we won't be leaving for an hour at least....argh. Oh well, we all got some much-needed shut eye while we were waiting. We finally took off, and I stayed quietly in my Sherpa, even though the top was opened (just like I learned).

We landed, got the car, and drove home. Dad had to go to work that night, so we just hung out. We played with Snap and Puck (well, mom did. I hate them both, so, you know....) and lamented about not having Arnie here when we got home. He's at Suki's house, enjoying himself with her great toybox.

Snap says, "What? They're home?"

So that was our Nationals Adventure. Lots of action, and lots of fun. It's not quite over. We still have to drive to Austin and get Arnie next weekend. There's another adventure planned, so I'll fill you in on that soon.


  1. Hi Gracie,
    You look adorable in your Sherpa. I need to take some lessons from you. Mom called me a jack in the box

    Hi Snap, this picture is great.

    I know your Mom missed Arnie when you all got home, but was so much fun to have him stay we me!!!!


    Hi Arnie!

  2. Gracie, I agree with are just too cute looking out of your Sherpa! Glad you had a fun and successful Nationals trip and got home safe.