Monday, November 5, 2012

Pug Nationals - Day 9

Do these humans EVER relax? Seriously, I'm dragging some rear here. We were up bright and early again on day 9.

We were off to an all-breed Agility Trial this time. Mom entered so she could spend some time with her non-pug friends. I know, right? She actually has friends without pugs?

The pugs were all set up in one area (thanks to my friends Tyra and Bambi's moms), and we had quite a presence. The trial was HUGE - 4 rings, and on the day we entered there were 1060 runs. Yikes!

I was up early (which meant it was nice and cool). I ran my little legs off, and came up with a qualifying score, and some MACH points. Yay for me.

Watch my run here.

Then we waited and waited for my second run. The other pugs were running too, so we got to watch a lot of action. The best part of the day came when dad showed up! He brought his whole family to watch me run, and they were very impressed with my performance. We did some more shopping, and lunch (I got more nibbles), then I went in to run again.

This time, it was pretty hot out, and when I hit the weave poles, I jumped and wouldn't go near them again. Mom thinks I burnt my feet on the hot metal. I'm not saying what happened, since it was pretty embarrassing  I'd gotten all my weave poles all week, and blew it in front of dad. He was OK with it, mom said "I was done" and I went back to being dad's little princess, carried around everywhere.

When everybody's runs were finished, we said goodbye to the family, then headed back to the hotel. There was an Award Banquet, and mom and dad were going.

They had a lot of fun at the banquet. They sat at the "international" table. There were only 3 people speaking english, and 2 were mom and dad. The others spoke German and Japanese. Made for an interesting evening. Luckily, mom talks with her hands, so they were able to communicate OK.

Mom got to go up and get some awards. Both me and Arnie got title plaques, and medallions for high scores. Dinner was pretty good, and they saw some people they'd missed at the show.

Then, it was back to the room, where I relaxed. Because, you guessed it, another big day tomorrow.

Day 10 tomorrow.....


  1. You are a super star athlete Gracie...I'm tired after reading about all of your activities. Can't believe you did so much already and the trip is not even over! Glad Arnie got something too! :-)

  2. Hi Gracie!
    Your run was AMAZING! I think I need to watch it in slo-mo because you were as fast as lightning. It looked like you handled every obstacle with ease - I esp. love watching you fly through the weaving poles!

    Good luck with day 10, little lady!


  3. Hi Gracie,

    Your knees may not be bionic, but you RUN at Bionic speeds!!


    Hi Arnie!

  4. Mom is just in awe watching you run. You are my inspiration!! Hopefully I can start agility class in the spring!

    Bailey & Hazel too!