Monday, May 9, 2011

Standard CPE Runs

I've uploaded some more video of my CPE runs. This is me in Standard. I'm in Level 3. It's the full on, everything in the ring, kind of run. There's tunnels, jumps, aframe, weave poles - the works. It was a pretty good run, but it was HOT. So mom was a little out of sinc with me. In spite of our glitches, I Q'd and got a second place.

My Standard run:

Arnie ran Standard also. He's in Level 4, and he Q'd too, with a second place. The heat really affected his run. He was NOT on his game for this. Notice his "pug moment" when he visits the judge in the middle of his run. He is a goofball.

Arnie's Standard run:

There's a few more video (dad was there, and taped most of our runs). I'll put those up tomorrow.


  1. Hi Gracie,
    Thanks for sharing the video's! You run so fast and the walkway thing was so high in the sky! I'm going to really pestering my Mom to take me to agility.


  2. A couple of those would really scare me! Love the videos.

  3. The teeter scares me, for sure. But mom goes really slow and coaxes me along. But I LOVE the dog walk. I just fly over it, leaving mom in the dust.