Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Last of the CPE agility videos

Mom keeps forgetting to finish recapping the last 2 runs we ran at our CPE trial a few weeks ago.

Here's Arnie's Fullhouse run.

The object of Fullhouse is to accumulate a certain collection of obstacles, until the whistle blows. You need 3 singles (jumps), 2 circles (tunnels and tires), and 1 big ticket item (contacts and weaves). You can do more obstacles for more points, but you need at least those to qualify. Arnie qualified, by the skin of his teeth. It was sooooo hot for him, and just didn't want to jump much.

And.....drumroll please.....last but not least, my Wildcard run.

The object of Wildcard is to correctly take one of two choices in the sequence. There are 3 places where you have to make that choice, and depending on your level, you might have to pick 2 easy and 1 hard choice, or 1 easy and 2 hard. I'm in the level where I have to pick 2 hard and 1 easy. In this run, my first choice was between the aframe (hard) and tunnel (easy). The next was between the tire (easy) and weave poles (hard). The last was between the tunnel (easy) and 4 jumps (hard). I qualified, no problem, and except for my bad habit of going a little rogue on the second obstacle, I did pretty good.

Hope you've enjoyed watching my runs as much as I enjoyed running them.

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  1. Yeah! I was so excited to see more videos...keep them coming. You (and even Arnie) are awesome!