Saturday, May 14, 2011

Play Ball

Mom and dad had an adventure last night. It was without me, but since mom had so much fun, I guess it was OK that they went solo for once.

First stop was dinner at this place:

They heard about it first when they were watching Diners, Drive-ins and Dives. It looked delicious, and since it was on their way last night, they checked it out. The food was as good as they'd hoped, and the portions were HUGE!

Where did they go? To a Rangers game!!! Mom LOVES baseball, and hasn't lived near a major league team in about 20 years. When they moved to Fort Worth, she knew they had to go see the Rangers play. The game was great. The Rangers won. And the beer was cold.

The ballpark is really cool. It's new, but looks like an old-time stadium. Behind center field are a bunch of businesses that have balconies that look out over the field. How cool is that?

Right next door is Cowboy Stadium. Mom took a picture of the dome from the ballpark.

Not sure when they'll get back to a game. But it's pretty handy to have all kinds of sporting opportunities about 15 minutes from home.


  1. My mom and dad love watching that show. Glad they had such a good time, but I bet it would've been even better if you were with them!

  2. There is a game at the ballpark where you can bring your dog. It's called Bark in the Park. But mom and dad are busy that day, and can't take me. Although it's probably for the best - it will be pretty hot, I'm thinking.