Sunday, May 8, 2011

CPE Agility Videos

As promised, a recap of our agility weekend, complete with video for your viewing pleasure.

First up: Snooker. I'm in Level 3, and this run finished my title.

Snooker explained - there are 2 parts to Snooker; the opening and the closing. All the equipment is on the course, and they have different colored/numbered flags on them. There are 4 jumps that have red/number 1 flags on them.

For the Opening, you must take a red/1, then a numbered obstacle. Then another red/1 (different from the first), then a numbered obstacle (can be the same as your first). Then another red/1 (different), then a numbered obstacle. Now you're ready for your Closing.

For the Closing, you take obstacle number 2, then 3, then 4, then 5, until you finish or the whistle blows, whichever comes first. Then you run to the table, and that stops the clock.

You qualify based on how many points you get. You get points for every obstacle you take, and the point you get is whatever number is on that flag. If you take an obstacle that is not the correct one in your sequence, the whistle blows and you must leave.

Here's my run:

Here's the tabulation for my run:
Red/1 - jump
Obstacle/4 - tunnel
Red/1 - jump
Obstacle/6 - aframe
Red/1 - jump
Obstacle/6 - aframe

Now on to the Closing. The hard part is NOT taking any obstacles that I'm running past, until I get to number 2.

Obstacle/2 - jump
Obstacle/3 - double jump
Obstacle/4 - tunnel
Obstacle/5 - weave poles
Obstacle/6 - aframe
Obstacle/7 - combination jumps

I didn't cross the last jump in the #7 combination, so I didn't get the points for that obstacle. But I had enough points to qualify, even without that obstacle, mostly because we did two #6 obstacles (the aframe) that gave us a lot of points. I ended up with 39 points (I needed 32 to qualify). I also got first place!

Arnie ran the same sequence that I did, but he jumped over obstacle 7 before the whistle blew, so he got 46 points. He's in Level 4, and also got first place!

Arnie's run:

Hope this made sense. And if you have any questions about agility or snooker, let me know.

Tomorrow: Arnie's Fullhouse run, and my Standard run.

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  1. Gracie,
    You and Arnie rock! Those videos were so cool to watch. If you ever do a trial in IL, be sure to let me know so I can come cheer you on!