Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Road Trip - New Mexico to Arizona

We woke up really early the second morning. Mom and dad wanted to get a head start, so they could spend as much time as they could with the family. So I got popped back into my crate, and off we went. The family wanted to take a trip to Sedona, and offered to wait for us to
arrive. But mom's been there tons of times (she used to live in AZ), and dad was too tired to even think about sight seeing. So they passed on the offer, and the family went without them.

We got to Flagstaff, and found our hotel. We stayed at La Quinta's the whole way, and mom was very impressed with their customer service. When we arrived, we went to the room (that the family already was staying in) and the room wasn't made up. So they hunted down a maid and she immediately made the bed and finished cleaning. Then the front desk called to check that the room was good to go, and that the maid had done a good job. We were happy to say she had.

We all decided to take a quick nap, and as these things happen, the family arrived about 5 minutes later. LOL

Everybody spent time catching up, then we wandered into downtown Flagstaff. It's right on the historic Route 66, and has tons of fun restaurants, bars and shops.

First stop - dinner. They went to an Irish Pub. Dad spotted it, and knowing mom loves her some Guinness, he made a beeline to the front door. After corned beef and cabbage, burgers and some salad, and LOTS of beer, they decided to walk around town. Dad went to get me out of the car and I got to walk around town. Downtown Flagstaff is hopping on Saturday night, and all the shops stay open

Retail therapy with dad

We tried to find an outdoor place to have a few more drinks, but none of them allowed dogs. Just as we were walking back to the car, a pizza guy grabbed us and yelled "your dog can hang out on OUR patio. Come and get some pizza!" We were full of food, but settled in for a few more beers and some garlic bread. And I was the center of attention to all the folks walking by.

Giving the fans what they want - ME!

People stopped to pet me, and talk to me, and give me food. Dad said no to the food, but yes to everything else. He did cave and give me some garlic bread when nobody was looking.

Nom, nom, nom

His sister was horrified that I ate people food, but hey, I'm a people (in my mind, anyway.)

She wouldn't give me food, but gave me lots of attention

Then we went back to the hotel, and talked some MORE. Then we hit the hay.

That's me and dad chillin'

Tomorrow: Back to where we started.


  1. Oh Gracie! You look so adorable chillin' with your dad on the patio. Us pugs are so darn cute that we just can't help but rack up the admirers! Those other places are just silly for not letting a fur person on their patios. You should come to Chicago with me sometime - there are so many dog-friendly patios there. I can't wait to hear more about your trip. It seems awesome so far!

  2. You are a cutie pie! How could anyone pass up a cutie like you and not give you a pat or a treat?

    Lucky dog.

    Drools and licks,
    Minnie and Mack