Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Road Trip - Texas to New Mexico

There WAS a purpose to our road trip. It wasn't just recreational. When we moved to Texas last fall, we sold dad's truck and were going to tow mom's van. When dad was renting the moving truck and dolly, the guy told him that the van was too wide to tow that way. What!!!! So we went with Plan B, which was to borrow his mom's small car, then drive back to meet his mom halfway to switch cars when we got settled.

That's dad towing the little car last fall.

That time was now. So the plans were made to meet up in Flagstaff, Arizona. Dad's mom and sister were meeting us there, and he was pretty excited to see them.

Day 1 - dad works nights, so mom took the day off and got the packing done. They weren't going to take any dogs, but mom couldn't stand the thought of leaving me behind, so she talked dad into taking me along. KIDDING - I'm dad's buddy, so he was all over that idea.

When dad got home, we hit the road. Traveled through Texas, up into the panhandle, then on to New Mexico. Twelve looooong hours later we were in Santa Rosa, NM and the first stretch was done.

Along the way, we got to see lots of cool things. We didn't stop anywhere, because it was just too hot. But it was the same route we took on our way to Texas, but then mom and dad were too busy driving to look around. Now they could gawk to their heart's content. We saw beautiful rocks, miles of desert, deer, cows and horses. I checked lots of peemail, and met all kinds of dogs at the rest stops.

Mom and dad were bushed that night, but I was rested. So mom played fetch and tug with me, to get my energy out. Then I sacked out on the big fluffy bed.

Tomorrow - I get my kicks on Route 66.


  1. That's a long road trip...I mean really long. I'm not fond of the 5 hour drive to Chicago, but it's always worth it when we get there. I've heard that AZ is so pretty so I'll be sure to tune in tomorrow for more!

  2. totally cool road trip! My grandpa is down in NM visiting right nows. Mum says she wants to go theres too!


  3. Sorry Payton. Parts of AZ are beautiful, but we drove through the boring part. And because it was so windy, we didn't get out much.

    Mom says we'll go back to NM and AZ to really do some good phototaking when we have more time.

  4. Hi Gracie
    My Mommys just got back from Raton, New Mexico. They were amazed at the incredible scenery in that part of New Mexico. The mesas, cinder cones and mountains make for one awesome place. Next time they go I get to go as well.
    Love Noodles