Monday, January 11, 2010

There's been a takeover

This is Gracie writing. I DON'T like the way my human portrayed me in her last post, so I'm taking the situation into my own paws and writing this myself. Well, with a partner - Arnie and I will be handling the posts from now on.

First of all, I'm not that small. CPE tires are pretty big, so it's just a matter of perspective. And I KNOW I'm supposed to get through the middle. But I like thinking out of the box (or circle in this case). So I try and mix it up a little, to keep it interesting. The only thing is that my human really wants me to go through the middle. It has to do with Q's (whatever those are), so she steps in front of my path when we get to that obstacle. It's different from her usual flailing about, running this way and that way. The tire thing is deliberate - she's blocking me. So to preserve myself, I'm going to start jumping through the middle. She wins. This time......

Here's a photo of me jumping a regular jump. If you'll notice, I'm not that small in this photo. And I always go through the middle part of these jumps.

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