Monday, January 25, 2010

Bars on the Ground, Bars on the Ground

Can't get a Q if there's Bars on the Ground.

Gracie here: We did agility this weekend, and it was SO much fun. We were at WAG, and it was a CPE trial. Mom had a bunch of free entries (she wins them in workers' raffles), so Arnie and I ran 5 runs both days. Since I usually only run 1 run a day (because I wasn't solid on contacts), this was the BEST WEEKEND EVER.

Arnie did pretty good, but mom says he still "has his moments". On a few of the runs he was more interested in looking around than running the course, but he still got a bunch of ribbons. And he does pay attention when it counts (that's what mom says). And considering what a complete nutcase he was when mom sprung him from the pound, and how hard they've worked to learn agility, he did really good.

I, on the other hand, did awesome. And I'm not just saying that - mom said it, too. She called me "little miss can't be wrong". I've only been showing in agility for a short while, and have never done contacts in a real show, but you never would have known that. I never hesitated, ran as fast as I could, and was ready for more, more, more!!! Mom says I'm the agility pug she's been waiting for. And I didn't know it when I came to live with her, but she's the mom I'VE been waiting for - I never KNEW I would love agility so much, but I do.

The only bummer this weekend was that it rained early the first morning, so the whole weekend was really muddy. Arnie sloshes through puddles, but I HATE getting my feet wet. Luckily, mom picks the driest routes, so I didn't have to give her the glare too much. Here's a picture of what we had to walk through to get into the arena.

We have next weekend off, but then we get to do it all over again the weekend after that. I can't WAIT!!!!

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