Thursday, January 21, 2010

Rain, rain, go away

Arnie here: We're having some major weather here in California. Not as bad as the "rest of the country", because they get that snow stuff. But we've had a week of rain and BIG wind. We have a giant puddle in our yard, we get really wet when we go out and go potty, and a giant tree branch landed on our deck. No damage, but lots of cleaning up when the weather gets nicer.

But......AGILITY CLASS WAS CANCELLED!!!! Our teacher, Kathi, called to tell mom that the power was out, so no class. I was prepared last week, when the van was dead, to miss class. But this came as a shock. WE had power - I just figured everybody else did. So no treats, no running, no visiting, NO FUN. The worst part is that we have a trial this weekend, and I was hoping that we could work on a few things before we show. Well, that mom would work on a few things, like timing and position. But we'll have to work it out.

Tonight, we pack our bags and the van (mom likes to do things ahead of time. Waaaay ahead of time). She'll write down what classes we're in (because her mind is going, she says), and make sure she knows what classes we can move up in for the next day (if we Q).

We hope that 4 Legged Flix will be there, taking video. They do a great job, and mom always ends up buying our runs from them. Here's me in action:

Mostly, I hope the rain stops. WAG is always fun to show at, but it gets really muddy if it rains.

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