Saturday, January 16, 2010

Some get it, some don't

Gracie here: my mom has a toy that Arnie and Puck go NUTS for, but the rest of us just don't get it. It's called a laser pointer. It's looks like a lipstick thingie, but a red dot shoots out the end and goes onto the floor. She uses it to exercise us in the backyard. But I can't see it. Neither can Snap or Levi. We just look at the 2 goofballs, and wonder what makes them love the thing. But we chase them while they're chasing the dot, so we all get exercised.

Arnie and Puck can't stop looking at the spot. They chase it, scratch at it, and obsess over it. If they even hear the jangle of the chain the thing is attached to, they start looking for the spot.

In case you're wondering what I'm talking about, here it is on video. The one looking at what appears to be NOTHING is Arnie. The one watching him make a fool of himself is me, Gracie. Enjoy.....

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