Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Memory Lane - Tango

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Tango being a real boxer

Official Name: Faux Pas Exotic Rhythm, OA, OAJ, OAP, OJP, NAC, NJC, TN-N, CGC

Born: July, 1997

Died: December, 2007

After Gunther died, mom got a fawn Boxer, and named him Tango. Gunther and Brandy were both brindle, but she decided to try the "other" color this time. Tango was very flashy, which means he had a lot of white on his paws, legs and around his neck. He also had the CRAZIEST ears. She doesn't crop ears, and his stood straight out from his head.

Tango looking pitiful. Check out those ears!

Mom wrote about Tango's life awhile back, in another blog post

Here's Tango's story

Tango trying to squeeze into one of the Pug-sized beds

Tango loved nothing better than hanging with his "peeps". He was pushed around by the Pugs, and loved every minute of it. He taught mom more about shy, fearful and insecure dogs than any other. She's glad she got a second chance with him. He became her shadow, and she still swears he's right next to her, keeping her safe.


  1. Gracie, this story really got to my mom. She is fighting back water works, whatever that means. Tango seems like an awesome boxer. I wish we could have known him.

  2. Boxers are such cool big dogs. Every family should have one (as long as there's a pug attached!).


  3. That "other foster" coming in ended up being Arnie. Tango gave me that gift to help heal, I think.

  4. Where's a tissue? Tango will always be with you and will forever hold a special place in your heart.


  5. What a beautiful story to remember! Yes, he lives in your heart forever.