Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Hardly know where to begin

But I'll start with asking for some prayers and juju for my friend Payton. I finally got to meet her in the fur (more on that coming up), and she's having some health issues right now. Please keep her in your thoughts.

As for the 1000 Pugs excitement, I guess I'll start at the beginning. We've been getting ready for the photoshoot and the accompanying visitors for awhile. Mom got the house spic and span, we got baths, and the players have all been madly exchanging emails.

On Thursday, mom finished up her work, and headed home. Shortly after, Suki and her mom arrived!!! We exchanged sniffs and snorts, and got the car unloaded. Then it was off the store for some groceries for dinner. As soon as mom got home, a very special group of visitors arrived. Payton and her parents!!!

Payton ate some dinner in peace, while we supervised.

Gracie, Suki and Arnie watching Payton eat her dinner

More sniffing and snorting, and before we knew it, we were all fast friends. Now it was time for human food. Dad made his signature tacos, and the margaritas were flowing. We got to mill around, and get to know each other. Even Levi joined the action.

Gracie, Arnie, Levi, Payton and Suki "working" for their treats

Things wound down, and plans were made for Friday. We were all going to check out the Stockyards, and meet up with Pug, Amanda and all the rest of the brave souls out in the rain at the Love Shack for some visiting.

Thanks to Julie, Suki's mom, for the photos. My mom's a spazz about taking pictures, and never seems to get any.


  1. Wow! All my Blogville Besties in one place! Oh to be in Texas with you for your shoot! That woulda been so much fun. I am so happy you are all a part of 1000Pugs. It is gonna be earthshattering!
    Love Noodles

  2. So much fun you had!
    Yes,, I have a kazillion prayers and postive thoughts surrounding Payton and her family.

  3. Hi Gracie! You and your family are awesome and I had the best time! Thanks for showing me your mad agility skills. If you ever venture to an event at Purina Farms in St. Louis, be sure to let me know so we can hang out again. Even though I got sick, we are all so glad to have made the trip to Texas. Thanks for all of your prayers.

  4. Hi Gracie & Arnie,

    What a whirl wind weekend! Thank you for welcoming Mom & I in your house! Man O man, I'm still tuckered out from the adventure.