Wednesday, February 1, 2012

After Agility Mini Adventure

Arnie and I are signed up for 1000 Pugs (along with Suki). We had really wanted the Grapevine Botanical Garden location, but when we signed up, it was booked. So we went with Historical Downtown McKinney. Thanks to a scheduling glitch, we were able to transfer our location back to the Garden.

But mom was curious about McKinney, and since we show there all the time, mom decided to take the opportunity to check out that area and see what the attraction is. On Saturday, we stopped by to check it out. She didn't get many photos, because the place was packed. Full of tourists and a bunch of teenagers at a music event. We walked around, looking into the shops and enjoying the nice day. She was utterly humiliated when I pooped on the sidewalk right in town. She was going to get a bite to eat and sit on a patio with me, but it was just a little cold and windy, so we'll have to do that another day.

Here's a shot of the town:

Mom set me up in front of a cute statue. Can you tell I'm exhausted from my agility runs?


  1. Hehee! Your expression is awesome Gracie! That sound like a super fun afternoon - all of my favorite things to do, well if you add the restaurant into the mix. You'll definitely have to go there another time. Wish I could go with you!
    Ps. I gave you two awards today!

  2. Gracie, you are looking totally in control and it's too bad more pictures couldn't be had but that's awfully tough when there are crowds. Still, I'm glad you got to see what looks like a pretty neat place!



  3. Hi Gracie,

    The town is cute, but I'm so glad we get to shoot at the Garden. Whoo hoo!

    Hi Arnie!

  4. You do look a little tired, but adorable.
    And what did your mom expect you to do? When you've got to go, you've got to go!