Monday, February 27, 2012

Memory Lane - Brandy

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Brandy in a rare moment of relaxation

Born: July, 1990

Died: February, 1998

When Gunther was about 2 years old, mom decided to add to the pack. She was working at a vet, and a client called to say she had to give up her Boxer, Brandy. Mom had known Brandy from when she was a puppy, and was shocked at the situation. It appears the family had a new baby, and Brandy was getting ignored. Being a Boxer, she was having none of that, and started "acting out". The final straw was when she jumped their fence at 2 am, into the neighbor's yard, busted through the screen door of their bedroom, and jumped into bed with them! Yeah, a 60 pound Boxer.

Mom decided to take Brandy, and the games began. Brandy was NOT good with strange dogs when she was on a leash. She also did NOT come when she was called. Many an hour was spent chasing Brandy down until she exhausted herself.

So mom worked and worked and worked on making her a good dog. Eventually, she learned to come when called, and while she never really liked strange dogs, she would tolerate them.

Brandy waiting for dinner

As serious as Gunther was (he liked to play, but was very serious about playing), Brandy was the opposite. She was all silly, and would do anything for a laugh. She loved to run, and would hike and hike for miles, when mom took her to the mountains.

Brandy loved to run

She had a heart arrhythmia, and would faint at the drop of a hat. Then she would jump back up and be good as new. This went on for years, and mom thought for sure one day she just wouldn't get back up.

But just like Gunther, when she was almost 8 she got cancer. Her's was not as sudden, and she lived for a year after her diagnosis. She had a huge personality, and left a big hole our pack.

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  1. What a gorgeous girl! Gracie, your mom must have the patience of a saint though because Brandy seems like she was a handful. Love the story about her breaking into the nieghbors bed!

  2. I loved this story too.
    It takes a long time for holes in hearts to heal.