Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Words for Wednesday

Hope that photo sparked your interest. Here's the skinny on what was happening:

About 10 years ago, mom was president of Pug PROS (Pug Rescue of Sacramento). She was also fostering a little black pug named Will. One day the adoption coordinator called to say that Jenna Elfman wanted to adopt Will. She already had a fawn girl pug, Gwen, and wanted to add to her family.

It so happened that she was coming to northern CA to film her TV show, Dharma and Greg, in Candlestick Park. So she invited a few PROS members to check out the shoot and deliver Will.

Mom had a blast! Jenna is very nice, her costar Thomas Gibson is better looking in person, and everyone on the set was wonderful. Mom is a huge baseball fan, and being in Candlestick, down on the field, was dream come true. The added surprise was that Steve Young was also in the episode, so mom got to meet him, too. For the record, he is a wonderful person. He spent a lot of time asking about pug rescue and getting to know us.

The photo of Jenna's pug peeing in the endzone (yes, it looks like she's pooping, which would be funnier) started when Gwen got the zoomies. She started running through the seats, with Jenna in hot pursuit. The shoot stopped while we all watched them dash up and down the stairs. Then Gwen made it onto the field, and the rest is history.


  1. That is a really funny story and a once in a life time experience! Us pugs really allow you humans to live it up. I can't tell you all of the celebrities (mostly athletes) that my 'rents have met in Chicago because of me!
    Ps. Go Gwen!!

  2. Oh well, at least you had a fantastic time and another pug got a loving pugrent! :)


  3. Hi Gracie,

    What a great story and an adventure for your Mom!


    Hi Arnie!