Monday, January 30, 2012

Agility Update

Mom and I went to an agility trial last weekend, and while we didn't get any Q's, we had a pretty good weekend.

On Friday night, I wasn't quite sure if I would even be going to the trial. I was "off" all night, drank a lot of water, and when I went outside I gave a little "yip". All was well after I came back inside and projectile vomited all over the kitchen floor. Stinky, yucky puke. But just what the doctor ordered.

So mom packed me up the next morning and decided that we would come home if I didn't act just right. Well, I felt pretty good, so we went into the ring. On our first run, I got stuck in the chute. I tried and tried to push through, but it wouldn't budge, so I ran back out. Dang, busted that run. Otherwise, flawless. On our second run, I was a little pokey. I ticked a LOT of bars (although none came down) and I ran really slow. A bad handling move (caused by a change of plans because I was running slow) made me hit the last bar and down it went. Dang, busted that run too. Mom thinks I was still feeling a little punkish after eating my treats on a recovering stomach.

The next day, mom decided to concentrate on FUN and SPEED. So she got me spun up before every run. She knew it worked when I spent the time on the start line barking and mouthing off at her. We had a few missteps (went around 2 jumps) but otherwise we rocked that course. Here it is:

On our next run, mom got me even MORE wound up. She knew it was working when I flew out over a jump I wasn't supposed to take, and flew back to get into the weave poles. She told me what a good girl I am (it was a tough part of the course, and that jump was right there) and we continued on. I never ticked any jumps, I went over every jump, and I FLEW into the tunnel so fast she almost couldn't keep up. It seems to be just one thing that's keeping us from Q'ing, but that's OK - we'll get it together.

There were a lot of bright spots. I'm getting better with every run. I'm getting onto the table and staying there. I do my weaves perfectly every time. I pay more attention to mom.

On our way home Saturday, we stopped for some sightseeing. I'll put those pictures up in my next post.


  1. Wow, you fly around there, I don't know how Mom keeps up! Way to go Gracie!!!


  2. Gracie, you are a super star! I think both mom and I would get lost in that maze of obstacles. Hehee! You are so brave to walk those "planks"! Both the moving one and the tall one. I'd be scared. You are amazing!

  3. Hi Gracie,
    I can't wait to watch the video on the laptop. Mom's iPad doesn't like to show videos from blogger.

    Glad your feeling better!

    Hi Arnie

  4. Gracie, you are our inspiration!! Love the weaves! Mom says it is the same with us in the obedience ring. We do real well but one little thing will keep us from qualifying. But we have fun and everybody thinks were cute!!!
    puglove from,
    Bailey & Hazel

  5. Oh Gracie, yes you are an inspiration. I wish I knew how to do some of that fun stuff.
    I love watching you- your a champion for sure.

  6. Gracie it looks like your "spin-up" technique really were FLYING around that course! I'm amazed your human was even able to keep up with you. I think you should incorporate the spin-up before every run!