Thursday, April 14, 2011

Last-a-palooza pics

You could get your picture taken in the cute cutouts.
We didn't get to try it because it as always in use.

I liked the flower one best.

If you still want to see more photos, check out the website for DFW Pug Rescue


  1. Hi Gracie - this here is AnnieBee. My mom got real excited when she found your blog on Tiffy's page, and my mom started making sounds that only a self respecting pug should make. She said "LOOKY ANNIE!" ANOTHER DALLAS PUGGY LIKE YOU!!!
    She needs to eat some fiber and calm down or something. I enjoyed your puggy-palooza pictures. My mom went and told me to stay home and boss the stinky boys cuz she had to work the event. We will be keeping up with you - good luck with agility!
    love, BeeBelly in Flower Mound

  2. Hey Dallas Pug! We're new to Texas, so we don't talk funny yet. Glad to meet you. I hope we meet in person some day.

    Agility trial this weekend, in Belton. I'll keep you posted.


  3. Oh boy, I would have loved to stuff my sister in that! lol Hope you had lots of fun.