Sunday, April 17, 2011

Agility recap

Went to a trial this weekend. Without Arnie. Mom kept whining about missing him, and it not being the same without her "little man". I say, if you want to come with us Arnie, be more reliable in unfenced arenas.

It was in a new place in Texas. A town called Belton, right near Temple. We had to drive 2 hours each way. Both days. Except coming home on Sunday took waaaaay longer than 2 hours. More on that later.

But first, about me. I'm in Excellent now. That means tougher courses, shorter times, and no mistakes allowed. To add insult to injury, mom's decided to step up her handling. Which means more front crosses. Which means her timing's usually way off, and we blow it. So she tried to do as many front crosses as she could this weekend. And we pulled them off just fine (because she's finally remembering to LOOK at me when she does the cross). But I had a bit of trouble with my weave poles. I won't go in them on the first try, and mom usually just runs past them. But I heard her whispering with our instructor, and mom's supposed to MAKE me do them. No matter how many times it takes. And if it takes more than 3 times, she's going to pick me up and leave the ring! So on our last run, when I ran past, she yelled at me, and made me do them correctly. I was giving her dirty looks the whole time, but we finished and I got to run out and get LOTS of treats!

Should be interesting. We're both stubborn, so we'll see who caves first.

On Sunday, we had a really bad traffic jam about 30 minutes into the return trip. We sat there for 20 minutes. When we finally got moving, there was another jam 15 minutes later. Another 20 minute wait. Didn't look like anyone was hurt, but it took us a lot longer to get home.

We did get to meet more agility pugs. It was Xena and Zoey (not sure how they spell their names), from San Antonio. They're friends with Emmitt and the gang from SA. It was so nice hanging with some of my fellow puggers.


  1. Hi Gracie,

    You should have let me know you were close to Austin, I would have come to watch and cheer for you. Where are the pictures? We want to see pictures.


  2. I didn't even think of it. Sorry, Suki. I'm still getting used to what's close to what here in Texas. I didn't realize I was that close to you until I just looked it up.

    I will be going back there, for sure. It was a real nice place.

    No pictures. I've only been to one trial with pictures. I guess because it's dark and dusty in these arenas.