Thursday, April 28, 2011

Happy Friday

No SPEED talk today. Getting ready to go out of town to a CPE agility trial this weekend. Mom's busy packing, we had class last night, and everybody got baths because we're staying in a hotel.

Haven't done CPE in a whole year. Mom loves that venue, but it's not too common here in Texas.

I'll let you know how we do, and Monday we'll get back to talking about DASH.


  1. Good luck, Gracie! Hope you have tons of fun too. I always get excited to travel and stay at new places.

  2. This will only be my second time in a hotel. We have a motor home, so we usually travel in that. But agility places here in Texas aren't really set up the same as California, so we're trying the hotel route.

    The last time we stayed in a hotel, Arnie darted out the door when my grandma opened it. It was at the Pug Nationals, and he bolted down the hallway, down the stairs and another hallway. Straight for the hospitality room where he KNEW there was food. He was nabbed at the door before he could do any damage.

    Hopefully, no mishaps this time around.