Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Table Talk

Mom's getting serious about this "table issue" I have. See, in agility you have to run to the table, jump on it, then stay there while the judge counts to five. I've developed a terrible habit with the table - I run to the table, jump on, jump OFF, jump back ON, then stay for the count of five. Not good when you're in Excellent.

To combat this, mom's going zero tolerance. I get on, off, on......NO TREAT! And I have to do a "down" for a count of five, then a release to, did I mention.....NO TREAT!

But if I do the table correctly, first time, like I'm supposed to, then......I GET LOTS OF TREATS! And when I say lots, I mean the heavens have opened up and rained treats. Yum, yum.

Needless to say, I'm really starting to stay on the table. Right now, we're just working in the living room (yes, small table in the living room). Then mom will take it outside, then to class, then to a show.

But not in this picture. Mom got the table and treats out, and Levi just HAD to perform. Then Arnie had to get in on the treat act. That left me out in the cold.

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