Saturday, March 5, 2011

Good fences make good neighbors

While we're renting, we have neighbors we can see. Our old house had a wooden fence on one side, so we never saw the dogs there, only smelled them. The other side had a wire fence, but only had chickens.

This house has a chain link fence, and 2 little dogs.

They have a doggie door, and have figured out that when our screen door opens, we're coming out into the yard. So whenever the door makes "that noise", mom hears them start barking and yapping, and flying out their door, into the yard, up to the fence. They love to bark at us. We don't bark back, but we do like to visit.

This little white guy is just a puppy. He's about twice the size he was at Christmas time. He's just the cutest little thing. But has an attitude bigger than mine! And that's saying something. The brown one is very sweet, and loves to come up to the fence for a scratch and a pet.

They both help me train my weave poles. While I run the poles, which are next to their fence, they run along side barking and carrying on. Great proofing.

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  1. I have fence neighbors! When I go out to do my BIDness, I always have a bark or three with my fence neighbors. I have no idea what they look like though.
    Love Noodles