Thursday, March 17, 2011

Class didn't go so good

It MUST be a full moon. Everybody in class rotated through the penalty box. All night long.

The penalty box is the instructor's lap, where we can't get to our moms. AND don't get any cookies.

My transgression was the "table bump". I just couldn't stay on the table. OK, I could - I just didn't. So time after time the teacher took me away, with no treat, while mom played with other dogs. I was soooooo upset. But I just couldn't stay on the table. It must have been the moon.

All the other dogs were bad, too. Missing weave poles, running past the table. It was the
revolving door of punishment. Not like "beating" punishment. Worse - "no cookie or attention" punishment.

But it worked. By the end of the night we ALL did our runs perfectly, and I stayed on the table. Even though mom ran really fast past it, and I had to slide and dig in hard to hold on. Then it was treat time!!!

Because it was St. Patrick's Day, there were doggie treats for us. We sure deserved it! Gotta go now, nom, nom, nom......

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