Monday, December 20, 2010

Arnie's gonna ruin Christmas for us!

I've gone over this a million times - you've got to be nice, not naughty. That's the only way Santa will bring you presents. I had to lecture Arnie last year because he killed Santa. Well, not the real Santa, but a stuffed Santa toy that we won at a dog show. He tore him up, limb from limb, dismembering Santa under the Christmas tree, of all places.

We still got presents, but I think they were a little stingy last year. Mom said it wasn't because of Arnie's incident, but what else could it have been. I'm just sayin'.

I thought the lecture had done some good. He's been behaving himself all year. He's paid attention in agility. He's cut down on the barking. He hasn't attacked anyone.

Then, this morning, he STOLE our training treats and tore up the package, then ate half of them before mom caught him in the act.

The worst part is those are MY TREATS too. And I'm starting agility class next month and NEED THOSE TREATS. Now, I may not get more because Arnie's been naughty.

It took mom awhile to figure out how he had gotten into the treats. They're usually kept on the top of the fridge (because of Arnie....) and she's pretty sure he can't climb up there. Well, the washing machine was making noise, so dad jammed the treats next to the washer to stop the banging. The treats must have fallen down next to the washer, and Arnie dragged them out and ate them! The treats are now back next to the washer.

Sorry I didn't put up more Christmas pictures, but this was waaaaay more important. It could jeopardize our Christmas score this year. If you see Santa (I see a lot of you sit on his lap and talk to him), can you tell him that it was Arnie that was naughty? I've been VERY good this year.

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