Saturday, December 18, 2010

We love our new petsitter

When mom and dad flew to NY, they called a pet sitter to watch us. Mom was totally sweating the whole thing, because we're her "number one priority". Since they just moved here, she was worried they wouldn't be able to find someone that meets her high standards of excellence. She was kind of spoiled back in California, since she had lots of sitters to pick from - and all of them were top notch.

Dad happened to pick up a business card for when we were at the Pug Party, so mom gave her a call. She came by to check us out, and mom could check her out. Well, long story short mom LOVED her, so she was hired!

But even though mom loved her, she still worried the whole time she was gone, she didn't have to. because they were awesome. They came by three times a day, and snuggled and played with us. They kept telling mom "not to worry" and she didn't have to.

When mom and dad got home, there was a really nice note waiting for them about what we did while they were gone. And....drum roll please....treats and a present! There were 5 bags of yummy treats and a spa package.

In fact, mom was so impressed that they came to watch everyone else while Arnie and I went to our first agility trial in Texas. We didn't stay overnight, but were gone a long time. Dad felt better knowing that the old guys could go out to pee while we were gone.

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