Friday, May 11, 2012

Tales of Puck - Part 5

Puck may be a royal pain-in-the-you-know-what, but he is the happiest guy you'll ever meet. He always has a big grin on his face, he lives every moment to the fullest, and he never gets mad. Even when I attack him for no reason, he just looks at mom and smiles.

Puck Story #5:

One of mom's favorite holidays is St. Patrick's Day. Wearing green, drinking beer, celebrating the Irish - what's not to love. One year she decided to let Puck celebrate the holiday too. She was going to an agility trial that happened to be on March 17. So she decided to dye him green.

She wasn't sure what to use to dye him, but someone suggested green kool-aid. So she got 10 or so packets of kool-aid, and took Puck into the shower. She wasn't sure how well it would work, or if it would even make him green. But she thought she'd experiment. 

She soaked him down, then sprinkled the powder all over him. She rubbed it in, then let it soak in. She rinsed him off, dried him off, then took him outside to see her handiwork.

He was green all right. Bright green. Glowing green. Every inch of him was green. It showed up, that's for sure.

She took him to that trial, and he was the hit of the weekend. People she barely knew had to pet the green dog. The judge had to take off his glasses to make sure he was really seeing what he thought he saw. And Puck ate it up. He thought he was a rockstar, and couldn't believe his luck - everybody loved him!

How long did it last? Let's just say he was still green on Memorial Day. 

She dyed him green for the next few years. Then green kool-aid got hard to find, and Puck was semi-retired. Even years later, people still asked her about the green dog, and a few told her they'd heard about him from other people.

Levi was showing at the time, but he never was dyed. Like mom says, Puck has a great sense of humor, but Levi has none.

She has some pictures, somewhere. She'll try and find on and post it next week.


  1. we would love to see the "green" pictures!

  2. I loved this story. Puck was the one and only green doggy!

  3. How festive! Puck sure was a great sport about it fur sure. We would LOVE to see the pics.