Thursday, May 10, 2012

Tales of Puck - Part 4

It was a dark and stormy night. No really, it was. Which leads us to:

Puck Story #4

It was the weekend of the 1000 Pugs photoshoot. Suki and her mom were staying with us. Payton and her parents were at the house, eating and drinking. Puck and Levi were outside taking care of their business. We have a small fenced yard, off the dog room, where we can sniff and watch the world go by.

 The rest of the yard can't be completely fenced because we have this running through the middle:

On this night, the weather was so awful, Puck and Levi were taking their sweet time outside. When dad went out to bring them inside, Puck was gone! Where could he have gone? The fence is way taller than he is. It's pouring rain - what would be the motivation? Puck is 15 years old, and couldn't jump the fence. The fence was intact, but he was nowhere to be found.

Dad started scouring the yard, when he found the escape artist - in the culvert! There was tons of water running through it, and there was Puck, romping and splashing in the water. Never mind that he had to scramble down an embankment, then JUMP off a 2 foot concrete edge - he was going swimming, darn it. 

He was having so much fun in the water, he never heard or saw dad. Yup, dad had to wade in and rescue him. 

He figured out how to climb over the fence. He might look innocent, but he's not.


  1. When Gracie's Dad came back inside & told us what happened, I couldn't believe my ears. Puck does look sweet & innocent. Hehee snort. Silly guy. Thankfully he was safe & had a fun time swimming.


  2. Gosh, that Puck has a mind of his own doesn't he.
    He is out singing in the rain in the culvert!


  3. I love your stories of Puck. Very adorable.

    Marge & Puggles