Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Tales of Puck - Part 2

By now you've gotten a feel for the kind of guy Puck is. Impulsive. No respect for authority. You get the picture. On to....

Puck Story #2:

Mom was walking along the beach in Oregon. Puck loved to walk on the beach. He would race down the sand, chasing little birds as he ran. Then he would loop around, run past mom, and chase birds in the other directions. Hours and hours and hours, he would run.

One day, he was running really fast down the beach when something caught his eye. What was that? A person in a kayak, way out to sea? Well, Puck just HAD to go see that person. So he dove into the waves, and started swimming out to see the person in the boat. Except the person was REALLY far out there.

No matter. Puck kept swimming faster and harder. Mom had to wade out to sea after him, and he finally heard her screaming his name (note to future pet owners: do NOT name your dog "Puck" if you plan on screaming his name in public on a regular basis. Go ahead. Say his name out loud. There you go.).

He finally gave up chasing the kayak, and swam back to mom. Was he remorseful? Ha. Not even close.

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