Friday, January 13, 2012

What are you doing back there? OUCH!

Mom noticed that I wasn't quite myself lately. 
Then my instructor mentioned that 
I wasn't jumping like I normally do. 

I'm pretty rough on my body, so it would be 
no big surprise if I had hurt my back or neck.

So we went to a vet that specializes in getting
dogs back to jumping and playing. 
She was really nice, especially since she had mom 
feed me treats the whole time I was there. 

She not only adjusted my back, but stuck me with needles! 
Not to worry, it didn't hurt a bit, and I never even flinched. 
I feel MUCH better now.


The worst part was being on restriction for 48 hours. 
Which meant I was banned from the bedroom 
unless mom or dad could put me onto or off of the bed. 

Yesterday morning, I was desperate for a place to sleep 
(the couch was already taken by 
Arnie and Snap, and I didn't want to share). 
So I snuck into mom's closet, then 
I pulled down a pillow and tried to make myself comfortable. 
No coincidence that it's also the place she 
keeps my training bag, that holds my treats. 


  1. Hope your feeling better Gracie! Don't you just love the treasures you can find in closets?

  2. Goodness, Gracie! Take care of yourself, girl! A bad back is no fun, let me tell you. Especially for somepug as active as you! Awesome sleep location and way to make sure you put on your innocent face when you were found. Humm, I wonder if I can sneak into the pantry where my food is?

  3. Isabelle is going for her chiropractic and acupuncture treatment tomorrow! She isn't a big fan, but it sure helps.
    Um, it shouldn't surprise your mom that you'd find the best place to nap. Comfy pillow, privacy and treats!

  4. Oh no Gracie!
    I feel so bad for you, no jumping & needles in your back! That sounds so scary! Sending positive juju your way!

    When I come visit you, let me know if we need to limit our chasing games. I don't want to make your back and neck to get hurt.

    You picked a great place to rest, next to the treats!


    Hi Arnie!!

  5. oh my goodness. your back got an owieeeeeeee!
    I am keeping my paws crossed so it gets better and then you can run and jump fast again

  6. Oh Gracie, glad you're feeling better. I love my pins and chiro. But at my age I am more on the mellow side. Hope you are fixed up for good. Go easy.

  7. Not to worry Suki. I've gotten the all clear to continue on as I were. LOL The vet told me she doesn't expect to see me again - it was a one time thing, in her opinion.

    In fact, she told me that exercise and running around keeps me in shape and limber, so I need to do it as much as I can.

    Chasing games can commence.

    1. Woohoo! I'd better rest up my bionic abilities.

      Hi Arnie!