Friday, November 11, 2011

Running Pug Weekend

I have a big weekend planned. Agility trial in Austin, where I get to meet a special someone. I'll keep that a secret until next week, when I fill you in on the fun. In the meantime, I have to rest up for my runs. I'm in Excellent level now, so the pressure's on.

Don't forget mom's holiday giveaway:

She has a CafePress shop, and has decided to give away one of her items for one lucky winner.

Here's how the contest will work:

In the comment section of our blog, leave your name and location (in case of multiple names).

Each entry will get you one chance at the prize.

Each dog or cat can only enter once, but every animal in your household can enter to win.

The contest will run from now until Friday, November 18.

The winner's name will be drawn on Saturday, November 19, and the winner will be notified and announced here.

The winner will pick out their prize, and get it in time for Christmas.

Details about the prizes:

Any item at mom's CafePress shop can be chosen except - Stadium Blanket, iPad 5-in-1 Case, iPad 2 Cover, iPad 2 Hard Case, Shoulder Bag, and any packs of Buttons, Stickers or Magnets (you CAN order packs of Cards).

You can choose one of mom's designs OR use your own photo or artwork. Yup, mom will put YOUR photo on any of the items if you're the winner.

So leave your comments, and stay tuned.

Check out mom's shop at to start dreaming.


  1. Hi Gracie!! I'm so excited for you and can't wait to hear about your trip and special meeting!! Go kick some agility butt! I know you'll do great with a few extra in the stands to cheer you on!
    PS. I'm sorry that I haven't been leaving my location! It's Mascoutah, IL.

  2. Payton - no need to leave your location. You're kind of like "Cher" or "JLo" LOL

  3. All the best in your competition Gracie! I hope it's a wonderful meeting with that special someone!


  4. I am so anxious to hear about that special someone you are going to meet! I'm sure you will do great in competition!

  5. Go Gracie, Go Gracie!

    Hugs Suki

  6. I hope your competition went well over the weekend, Gracie. And I'm dying to hear about this special someone you met!


  7. GO GRACIE!!!

    How did it go? Did you win a big honking trophy and a crown with a sash like those little girls on that weird TV show????

    Just the crown would be pretty cool, really.