Monday, November 7, 2011

Get ready to hit the comment button

Mom's decided to do a holiday giveaway this year, to thank everyone for checking out our blog.

She has a CafePress shop, and has decided to give away one of her items for one lucky winner.

Here's how the contest will work:

In the comment section of our blog, leave your name and location (in case of multiple names).

Each entry will get you one chance at the prize.

Each dog or cat can only enter once, but every animal in your household can enter to win.

The contest will run from now until Friday, November 18.

The winner's name will be drawn on Saturday, November 19, and the winner will be notified and announced here.

The winner will pick out their prize, and get it in time for Christmas.

Details about the prizes:

Any item at mom's CafePress shop can be chosen except - Stadium Blanket, iPad 5-in-1 Case, iPad 2 Cover, iPad 2 Hard Case, Shoulder Bag, and any packs of Buttons or Magnets (you CAN order packs of Cards).

You can choose one of mom's designs OR use your own photo or artwork. Yup, mom will put YOUR photo on any of the items if you're the winner.

So leave your comments, and stay tuned.

Check out mom's shop at to start dreaming.


  1. Oh Gracie! How exciting! I already have a few of your items on my Christmas list so how cool would it be if I won?!? YEAH! You are so nice!! Keeping my paws crossed...
    PS. I love this pic, you look so regal and confident!

  2. OMG...we had no idea you had this shop!!! Mom is totally doing some Christmas shopping soon!!!!


    Pee S. Lipstick on a PUG! HAHAHAAAAA! That's awesome...and PERFECT for mom...she's always greazzing up her lips with that crap!

  3. Hi Gracie
    This so totally put me in the HOLIDAY spirit!!! Take you pick of the HOLIDAY but KNOW that I got the SPIRIT!
    So while MOMMY peruses your MOMMY'S shop I am going to follow orders and leave a comment.
    Oh! I guess I did.
    Totally Cool!
    Love Noodles (SF Bay Area)

  4. This is so exciting! We all know Mom has a little problem with getting the Christmas spirit a little too soon this year. Maybe she isn't so crazy after all! Nawww, I checked...she is still a total nut case. I love this pic of you too.

  5. Hi Gracie,

    What a cool idea, how exciting!


  6. Hi Gracie,
    Mom loves looking at your agility videos. Now she's looking thru your mom's shop. Hope I'm lucky enough to win.


  7. OMD - what a great idea! Are we in time to join the giveaway? I'm not sure it was such a good idea to give mom that link... BOL..

    Bajas (Norway)

  8. Hey... How about some staffie stuff, huh? Mom's little angel aility/obedience pug is all retired and it should be all about ME now.

    Gummi (Norway)

  9. OMC - it's getting pretty embarrasing with all of us posting, but I promise if I win I'll give my gift to Bajas for Christmas..

    Hyssing (Norway)

  10. Okay - so unlike my silly son I'd keep any gift for mySELF.. or perhaps give it to Mom in exchange for scritches..

    Virus (Norway)

    Oh yeah.. and Mom promised we could do a give away soon, too, so stay tuned!