Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Showing this weekend

So we've been working hard on the equipment. Luckily, the weather's been cooperating.

Arnie: All week he practiced weave poles. He's really getting good. He just FLIES through the poles, head down, pace steady. If he does half that good at the show, he'll be great.

Gracie: I've been working weave poles a lot too. Mom wants me to get some distance on the poles, so she's been pushing me to keep going even if she walks away from the poles. It's working! I've always been good about finding the poles from far away, but I get worried if mom doesn't move to help with the big finish. But treats are helping me get some confidence.

I've been working some harder jump stuff, too. 270's have been the big goal these past few weeks. I'm doing OK. Not great, but OK. I do pretty good, then mom moves the jumps apart a little bit and I try to run between them. So she patiently shows me what to do, and I get really good. Then she moves them out again, and we start over. It's a skill I need, so we'll both keep working.

She's also working hard on rear crosses. I know, she LOVES rear crosses. But while she's pretty good at them, I'm not. I'm such a spinner, I throw one in every once in awhile. But that won't do. So we work a lot on "keeping on moving".

The plus is that we're both getting in shape. Running, running, running.....whew!

I have class tomorrow, then the show this weekend. Never been to this place, and won't know anybody there. Still weird for that whole thing.


  1. They are gonna love you! Have fun, and knock 'em dead!

  2. Have a great time, and good luck!