Monday, August 2, 2010

Biker Chick

Gracie here: Everywhere I go, people comment on how "cute" I am. They call me "sweet", and "adorable". They go on and on about how soft my fur is, and how well-behaved I am. When I'm in public, I act that way, to make mom happy. But her and I know the deep, dark truth:

I'm really a Biker Chick!

When I'm away from my adoring crowd, I act like anything but a little lady. I belch, fart, drink beer, and beat up my doggy brothers and sister. I'm always on the lookout for my next victim. And when things don't go my way, I have a horrible temper.

This weekend I was able to channel my true self, and got to sit on a real motorcycle. I didn't get to ride on it because I didn't have a helmet, but I pretended to while I sat on the seat. In honor of being able to see a real, live motorcycle, mom got me a cute outfit. It's a patriotic number, with a bikini top and mini skirt. I look totally stylin' in it. Here's me on the bike, in my new outfit:

I don't have a picture showing off my outfit because I won't sit still with my back to mom for the picture. So that will have to wait until she gets someone to help her. But it will be worth the wait, I promise you.

Now I'm off to teach Arnie a lesson - he looked at me.

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