Tuesday, February 9, 2010

More agility updates

Gracie here: I let Arnie go first, but I really have the most to brag about.

I ran the same Snooker class as Arnie, and I rocked it. I'm REALLY good at Snooker. I'm really focused on mom, so I never even notice the other obstacles. I did almost the whole thing, but I'm in a low level, so I don't need as many points as Arnie. I got a blue ribbon in that class.

In Standard, I ran fast and furious, and FLEW over the dogwalk. My time was really good, and I made no mistakes. ANOTHER blue ribbon.

On my second Standard run, I was almost done, then I ran up the dogwalk, got scared and bailed off. Mom knew that I might be scared, since lots of dogs were jumping off on this round. She wasn't sure if it was bouncier than normal, or tippy, or what. But once we got to the dogwalk she totally forgot to stick with me. I was flying SO fast on the dogwalk, that she just took off running. She's pretty sorry about it, and was really worried that it might scare me permanently, but I'm OK.

On the 2nd day, we ran Jackpot first, and I did the exact same course as Arnie. We got the same points (although mom didn't even try the harder Jackpot with me. She knew it was too hard for me.) But I shocked her when I did the easier Jackpot the hard way. I ran AWAY from her, towards the far end of the tunnel. I still did it right, but it made her job easier. And she thought I couldn't get it. Ha!

My first Standard run was flawless, and another blue ribbon. But I was getting more and more crazed as the day went on, and on my second Standard run I flew past the tire, saw mom, and jumped through it backwards. I guess that's not OK (geez, I'm not sure I'll ever get these rules. She wants me through the tire, but only in a certain direction?) So we just ran like crazy, and mom raced me to the finish line - I LOVE when we play that game.

On the way home the first day, mom saw our neighbor Patty. She's my first mom's aunt (found out by accident when my mom was picking me up for rescue). So mom fills her in about how I'm doing. She got to tell her that I had just gotten some blue ribbons, and was running really good. I don't blame my first mom for giving me up - I'm a "lot of dog" as my mom puts it. And it's nice to be able to let my first mom know that I'm doing what I was born to do - run like the wind!

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