Monday, February 1, 2010

Meet Zip, our new friend

Arnie here: I have a new dog friend. Her name is Zip, and she's the newest dog for our instructor, Kathi. Kathi has 3 Shelties, and mom says she's gone "to the dark side" this time - she got a Border Collie. Kathi likes herding, and she's thinking Zip will be good at that.

She stopped by mom's work on the day she got her, so mom got to meet her, but I haven't yet. I hope we get to see her before she gets too big. I'm not scared of big dogs, but Gracie gets all snarky around bigger dogs (and little dogs, come to think of it). She really likes to play, so we should have lots of fun once she starts going to dog shows.

Here's her picture:

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