Monday, February 8, 2010

Agility Update

Arnie here: Gracie's letting me go first, since I'm older, so here goes. We went to WAG in Elk Grove this weekend, to show in CPE. A few weeks ago, we showed 5 runs each, both days. But this weekend we only had 3 runs each, both days. Mom entered us in Standard, where we get to do ALL the equipment. Since the courses are longer in Standard, mom only entered us in 2 Standard runs and one game each.

On Saturday, we had to drive in the pouring rain the whole way there. We got there really early, and I was SO happy to see my friend Jack was there! We're best buddies, and hang out together in class every Wednesday. His mom had already set up our crate next to him, so we got to hang out all weekend together.

We were in the ring really early, and the course was really confusing. I had some trouble with a lot of things - it just wasn't working for me and mom. But we had fun, and I got all my contacts, weave poles and did some hard front and rear crosses. I also had to go past tunnel entrances, and take the far one....that's REALLY hard for me. I LOVE tunnels!!! Mom's really making an effort to get me focused before we run, so we've been doing a lot of obedience work. I'm also learning more tricks. That's really fun. I'm perfecting putting my head down. I'm also learning to look in things. She makes me look in the tin buckets that hold hammers and nails and stuff. It's really fun to do that. It's a cool trick, I get a treat, mom is happy AND I get to check things out (have I mentioned that I'm really nosy?)

We ran Snooker as our "game" the first day, and we did GREAT. I had to pay close attention to mom, so I didn't accidentally take the wrong obstacle. We got lots of points, and I finished the whole thing. After we ran, I got to play with Jack in the big dog pen. WE peed and ran and barked in the mud. It was so much fun.

On the second day, we had to get there early again, but it wasn't raining this time. Mom had to walk both rings together, then we waited for a few hours until we got to run. Mom was working, so Jack and I couldn't play in the pen, but I was kind of tired anyway.

On our first run, Standard, the course was even harder than the first day. It was easy to remember, but really hard to run. There were even MORE tunnels entrances to run past. And a lot of "traps". But we DID IT!! Lots of dogs didn't do it right, but I did it perfectly. And, more importantly, it felt "right".

We ran again in Standard, but I just HAD to go into a tunnel instead of up the aframe. I just couldn't help myself. Mom didn't get mad - she knows how I am :-)

We got to run Jackpot as our "game" on that day. We had choice of 2 different Jackpots, but mom was pretty sure I could only do the easier one. She was right, but we tried the harder one anyway. I was little confused when we tried the hard one, but she stepped across the line to help me. Then I knew what to do. We ran around a LOT, and got lots of points.

We finished early, which was good, since mom had to go out to dinner. So I won't find out how Jack did, until I see him at class.

Gracie did good, too, but I'll let her fill you in tomorrow.

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