Thursday, September 26, 2013

Race around Nashville

The category today is A RACE AROUND NASHVILLE.

Mom's a big Amazing Race fan. She's been watching since the second episode, and has never missed one.

She loves the concept, and enjoys seeing the sights and traditions that the world has to offer. All from the comfort of her own couch.

She'd love to compete on the Race, but there are a few reasons why she never will:

1. She hates to fly
2. Until she acclimates to a location, she has no sense of direction
3. She won't eat gross food
4. She's afraid of heights
5. She won't jump off of high places
6. She's afraid of enclosed spaces

We were just walking around the beautiful park in Nashville, minding our own business...

What does our trip to Tennessee have to do with the Amazing Race? Well, while we were there, we were approached by two girls, both wearing numbers, to take their picture in front of a statue. We asked what they were up to, and they explained it was "like the Amazing Race, but in cities around the country".

They continued on down the list of tasks they had to accomplish and we helped them with:

1. Shake hands with a dog
2. Take a picture with someone from out-of-state showing their license

After we helped them out, we waved goodbye to them, and continued on our walk around the Tennessee state capitol.

Cooling off at the capitol

Then we heard "can you take our picture in front of this statue"? and we knew just what to do. After the picture, we told them we had the dog for shaking hands, and they acted surprised. Apparently, they were just going down the list, one by one, and hadn't gotten to that one yet.

We jumped in and helped them with:

1. Shake hands with a dog
2. Hug a stranger
3. Take a picture with someone from out-of-state showing their license

We couldn't help them out with:
1. Take a picture of someone doing a handstand

Again, we continued on with our sightseeing, then had some lunch.

As we were waiting to cross the street, we heard "WE WON! WE WON!" We all turned to look and it was the second team, that we had "coached" with their race. They had won first place, and were so excited to run into us to thank us.

Winner, winner, chicken dinner

Mom may not ever run the real Amazing Race, but she played a part in a Race around Nashville.

Next up: Rally-O


  1. What does Crossfit have to do with Race around Nashville???

  2. I think that was just their "team shirts". You know "hey, we have these matching shirts - let's wear them today".

  3. Hi Gracie,
    What a fun adventure! I wonder if you standing just on your back legs would count as a hand stand?


  4. Now that is an adventure. Have a fabulous Friday.
    Best wishes Molly

  5. Can't wait to see more! Gracie, can your Mom email our mom please at pugranch2 AT msn DOT com. We plan to do a giveaway next week with some buttons from her cafe press shop and would like to ask her something, thanks!
    Bailey, Hazel & Greta