Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Eating our way through Tennessee

As promised, our category today is FOOD.

Mom had heard that Memphis was quite a foodie town, so the plan was to stop there for lunch on the first day. She yelped, urbanspooned and googled, and came away with Central BBQ as the place to visit.

They have three locations, and we chose the midtown restaurant (for no particular reason). First step was to make sure that they allowed dogs. Not only did they allow dogs, but they found us a table, brought us water, and made a huge fuss over us the whole time we were there. Already a win, but then the food arrived. Simply put, it was some of the most delicious BBQ mom has ever had. She got a pulled pork sandwich with coleslaw and fries, and it was delicious. Well, we had to take her word for it on the pork, since she wouldn't share any of it with us. But we got fries, and yes, they were deelish.

Her sandwich, already half eaten

This is us, waiting for some fries to come our way

On to Nashville, and the next afternoon, after walking around seeing the sights, we stopped for lunch along Music Row. There aren't many dog-friendly places, but mom spotted a place with an outside patio and asked if we could sit there. Again, the answer was "of course", and water and attention was given to us the whole time. The food was pretty good, but the humans ordered salads, so seriously- how good could that really be? Mom really enjoyed this place, because she could hear the singer inside, and she really liked his music.

Great music was inside this place

The view from the patio

Our table

More view from the table

Once we got to the host hotel in Chattanooga eating was hit or miss, because of the busy schedule that mom runs under. But she did get to sample some good food while she was there.

We didn't get to go on any sightseeing adventures while we were there (too hot), but the humans did find the Hair of the Dog Pub, that served great pub food (and mom got her Guinness). It was outside on a lovely patio, and the service was great. For the record, they were dog-friendly.)

Eating and drinking with pug friends

Across the street from the hotel was the Terminal Brewhouse that the humans visited a few times. They made a mean pizza, had their own beer, and the restaurant was in a historical building.

Mom and Meme also drove to visit her friend, and he found a really quaint little town that boasted a great restaurant right on the main drag. Again, they sat out on the patio. The food was great, and the service just as good. She'll fill you in the visit, so suffice it to say, they ate. Again.

That's it on the food category. There was good eats the whole time, with plenty to share with two very well-behaved pugs.

Next up: A race around Nashville!


  1. OMD the food sounded well yummy. Have a tremendous Thursday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. Now I'm hungry! ;-) Great trip so far.