Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Ready, Set, Go!

It's no secret that I love to run agility. When we step out onto the course, I can't control myself, and struggle and squirm, so mom will let me RUN NOW! 

Here are some shots of me when we start the run, so you can feel mom's pain....

Mom struggling to get my leash off - I'm trying to bite the leash while she's getting it over my head.

Mom giving me a little lecture about behaving myself. HA

You have to wait until the timer says "ready", and I hate waiting. This is me biting her hands, because she won't let me take off.

And we're off, me screaming the whole way.

Taking the first obstacle with room to spare.

Burning up the course, and taking the turn on one wheel.

Here we are on our next run.

Mom's already got the leash off, and is hanging on to me so I don't take off running before the "ready". It's a tough job.

She finally lets me go, and I fly to the first obstacle.

Like a speeding bullet, I zero in on that tunnel.

HA - fooled you, mom. I went in between the tunnel and timer pole. NOT the right move, but I just couldn't help myself. Here we are trying it again. That's a Pug for you.

Got it that time. On to the next obstacle.

Hope you enjoyed the show.


  1. Gracie we said it before and we will say it again you are one hell of a pocket rocket. Have a terrific Tuesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. Hi Gracie,

    Zoom, ZOoom, ZOOOOMMM! Faster than a speeding bullet or the sped of light. You are amazing my friend.


    Hi Arnie Lovey, Hi Snap!