Thursday, March 21, 2013

March 2006 Revisited

Mom was going through an old blog of hers, and found her first mention of Arnie.

She thought you might enjoy reading about her first impression of him. Warning - it wasn't great. LOL She refers to him as a monster. I still do.

Arnie as he is today, running agility like a champ. It wasn't always that way, however. 

Wow, it seems like forever since I checked in. Lots going on, mostly in the "new arrival" department.
 I volunteer for a Pug Rescue group, Pug Rescue of Sacramento (Pug PROS). I foster pugs, amongst other things, and around the holidays took in 2 young pugs. The holidays are a tough time for rescues, since many dogs are surrendered then (don't get me started), and foster homes are limited, because of travel, visitors, etc. I usually do most of my fostering during that time.

I picked up a black boy, Kai, as an owner turnin. His owner had a baby, and Kai was too wild, always jumping and knocking the baby's swing over. The owner's brother tried keeping him, but he worked a lot, so he called PROS. Kai was a sweet, well-behaved pug, and after I tackled the jumping issue (he caught on quickly) he went off to his new home. He has a pug sister now, who is very young and active - just like him! He is doing just great in his new home.

The other monster, I mean pug, was turned into animal control. He was neutered, and shortly afterward, a woman at animal control called me (I've worked with her in the past), to ask if I would take him and work with him. They would normally have tried to adopt him out themselves, but she felt that his behavior was too extreme for the typical pet owner. She was sure he would be adopted immediately and returned just as quickly!!! He was about 1.5 years old, and full of sooooo much energy. He was also a barker/screamer when confined, and an escape artist. I picked him up, and started a training regiment. He progressed quickly........

 to be continued :-)


  1. I can't wait to hear the rest of the story!

  2. To be continued ,,,,, we were just getting settled. Sounds like a right character.
    Have a fabulous Friday.
    Best wishes Molly